Tokyo hosts the 2020 Olympic

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that TOKYO elected as the venue of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020 at the general meeting open in Argentina Buenos Aires.
This will be the Tokyo's second host experience since 1964.

History of the Olympic Games: Athens 1896 - Tokyo 2020

The modern Olympic Games have begun from Athens Olympics in 1896.
Since Tokyo Olympic Games was held in 1964, Tokyo 2020 conventions will be the 2nd Tokyo holding.

Contents of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

-- Athletics
-- Swimming (Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, and Water Polo)
-- Wrestling
-- Judo
-- Soccer(Football)
-- Volleyball (Volleyball, Beach Volleyball)
-- Badminton
-- Tennis
-- Basketball
-- Table Tennis
-- Handball
-- 7 people's Rugvy
-- Hockey
-- Gymnastics (Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Trampoline)
-- Boxing
-- Fencing
-- Tae Kwon Do
-- Golf
-- Archery
-- Shooting (Rifle Shooting and Clay Pigeon Shooting)
-- Weightlifting
-- Sailing
-- Boat Rowing
-- Canoe
-- Triathlon
-- Bicycle Race
-- Modern Pentathlon
-- Horsemanship

The above 28 are as deliberation items in Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
In addition, there are some items such as "Mes's baseball" or "Women's softball", etc. which will not existed at 2020 games.

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