Hotel Reservation Site for Tokyo Olympic Games

Tokyo hosts the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The hotel capacity is one of Tokyo's concern. Therefore, the hotel reservation should be considered in advance.
Tokyo is known as the one of the most safe city in the world and it is possible that the hotel reservation from overseas will be buried from early time.
Online hotel booking sites, such as, are also easy to secure your rooms in advance.

Onsen Spa in Tokyo

Tokyo has a lot of Onsen Spa such as Kamata-Onsen. It is Japanese typical town type Onsen Spa, we call it Sento Spa as well. It costs only 460YEN ($4)(
Tokyo is a big city and has wide are. Then if you take a short travel from the center of Tokyo, you can reach mountain side easily by local train.
Then, you can reach to beautiful mountain Onsen Spa as well, such as Moeginoyu Onsen Spa. It costs only 780YEN ($8) (
Onsen is a fantastic place to spend your time in Tokyo. Even you are staying at a luxury hotel.

The Economic Effect of the Tokyo Olympic

Although Tokyo holding of the Olympic Games was determined, influencing of the "Olympic Games special procurements" will be expected from now on the hotels in the city of Tokyo, the increase in sales of the Olympic Games related product, etc.

According to SMBC Nikko Securities, the trial calculation of the economic effect of the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics Tokyo convention in 2020 was made with about 4,200 billion yen.
The trial calculation of Tokyo City is made with about 3 trillion yen.

The reosons of an economic effect have the largest expanding demand by the increase in the foreign tourists who visit Japan, such as a hotel and a restaurant. It amounts to 1,791,300 million yen totaly by the trial calculation.
(Reference: Yomiuri Shimbun)

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